・“Coexistence of the Minority and Universal Models of Disability: Is It Possible in CRPD?”
Paper presented at the Global PhD & Researchers Colloquium on Disability Law and Policy (Carlton Hotel in Galway City, Ireland), hosted by the Consortium of Academic Centres on Disability Law and Policy (the Centre for Disability Law and Policy (National University of Ireland, Galway), the Burton Blatt Institute (Syracuse University), the Richard Crossman Chair of Social Welfare & Social Planning (University of Haifa))
・“The Disability Convention and Japanese Law Reforms”
Paper presented at the Japan's Anticipated Disability Law & the Americans with Disabilities at Twenty: Workshop on Comparative Law, Policy and Research (Loyola Law School, California), hosted by the Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University, et al.
・“Some Confusion around the Definitions and Models of Disability in Japan: The Case of Disability Discrimination law”
Poster presented at the Todai Forum 2009 in UK (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK), hosted by the University of Tokyo